Grandma discovered a craft that kept all four of our kids fully engaged for at least two hours. It was like magic. And they each walked away with a new piece of custom-designed fashion! The kids are now hooked on round loom hat knitting.

Grandma and Grandpa invited our children over for an afternoon at their place. Grandpa took everyone for a swim in the backyard, but eventually the baking summer sun drove them back indoors. So after lunch, Grandma taught them how to make winter hats! Sure, the timing seemed a little odd. But I thought it was pretty cool to walk in and see all of the kids sitting on the floor around Grandma, working on their projects.

The hat looms and simple tools were perfect for little hands. Grandma had a variety of loom sizes and yarn colors on hand, so the kids each designed and created a hat tailored to their head size and taste. Frankly, Bean wasn’t any help. He just barked out orders and constantly cut yarn with scissors. But the three older kids completed the projected with varying degrees of help from Grandma.

Grandma also taught a little bit of improvisation. When Twinkle’s hat just wouldn’t come out right, she and Grandma invented a new accessory – a knitted headband! Watch out . . . it’s gonna be huge.

I’m pretty sure the whole thing was just wishful thinking for Grandma. Preparing for winter will certainly make it come faster, right?

Check out a detailed tutorial over at to get started making your own knitted winter hats. You can grab your looms at your local crafting store or on online (like at Amazon).

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