Two Packs, One Tribe

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A couple of years ago, I was the Cubmaster of a small Cub Scout pack that was joining with another pack so that we could provide even better activities for our little cubs. In an effort to make the members of the packs quickly feel unity within the new group, we launched an initiative we called “One Tribe.” Read More

Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle

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There are millions of kids’ toys out there, and still millions more of kids’ educational products. Yet, I’m surprised at how good this simple puzzle is for my preschooler. We gave 4-year-old Bean the Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle by Melissa & Doug for his birthday. From the picture on the front I anticipated it being more of a puzzle challenge than an alphabet test, but I was wrong. Read More

Playful Breadsticks

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Today our dinner needed a little pick-me-up, and so did my preschooler. Make-Your-Own Salads were on the menu. The kids like salad, but I needed something to make it a “full” dinner the family might be excited about. Bean also needed something to do. Something tactile and messy. It was the perfect opportunity to make breadsticks. Read More